Friends, family and people who stumbled upon this newsletter,

It has been a crazy year for Lost Sparrows. But what it boils down to for me and my family, has been a huge cross-country move (with 7 kids and a bearded dragon), and leaving my career. In a very scary leap, we have determined that Lost Sparrows needs to become more of a full-time ministry. It has grown so much in the last year, as we trained over 600 foster-adopt parents, caregivers, and staff across Russia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and the United States. As far as non-profits go, we have had an incredible reach since inception and I can only attribute this to God.

As we are looking to the future, I will be returning to Bosnia in January to meet with our crisis pregnancy contacts, and also be attending several meetings to prepare for our large conference in late Spring. We will be returning as a team to train on trauma-informed practices, and also continuing our work with crisis pregnancy. Our team is busy working on how best to support the existing infrastructure of foster care and the staff at orphanages.

One of the exciting projects we are about to roll out, is how you can support our “Baby Boxes” project. Pictured is a couple who received our very first “Baby Box”, so be on the lookout for how you can help.

We also will be returning to Bosnia, Bulgaria, and Russia to train on Trauma-Informed Parenting. I am often asked what does this training look like? The best way to describe it, is to say it is the same training that we provide in the United States for caregivers of children from hard places. Trauma-Informed Parenting, is understanding that early childhood neglect or abuse causes the brain to be altered. This can look like bad behavior and manipulation in a child. Our trainings help parents and caregivers to understand the science behind the changes in the brain. I have written about this for teachers here,  –

“Yesterday I was one thankful and inspired woman. I had the opportunity to be at a workshop that was organized by Lost Sparrows and Hope and Homes for foster families, adoptive families, and those who work directly with children without parental care. They spoke of kids who have survived trauma and how to help them in practical ways. I believe that this workshop would have been incredibly helpful for everyone. It was so encouraging to me! And they also left me 2 very useful books.” – From Dagana, waiting adoptive mom

Darren and I are so excited for Lost Sparrows 2020. Our goal is to reach over 1000 foster-adopt families, caregivers and staff. We would like to ask you to consider partnering with us as we take this very scary leap. lost Sparrows needs financial partners, as well as lots of prayer.

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