We desire to stop the flow of children into institutions, and allow families the opportunity to raise their children. We know that if we only supported orphanages and institutions, we would be continuing to support the flow of children into these dark places. Instead, we are working to keep children with their families, because every child deserves the love of a family, not the sterility of an institution.

Trauma-Informed Training

We provide trauma informed training for anyone caring for children from hard places.


Medical Needs

We work within orphanages and care facilities to provide medical equipment and training for special needs children.

Mom meeting Israel in the orphanage

Foster Care

Lost Sparrows believes every child deserves a family. We are working to recruit and support foster families.


Crisis Pregnancy Center

We are working to create sustainable crisis pregnancy centers to support mothers in need.


Orphan Mentoring

Orphans that are not adopted and age out of the system need support. We are working to educate, train, and prepare children to be successful after they leave care.