Raising children can be exhausting. Raising children with a history of trauma can be overwhelming.

Many families that are fostering, or have adopted children struggle with feelings of isolation, loneliness, frustration and even desperation. We know those feelings, and we know how deeply profound those feelings are. That is why we are starting a support group for foster & adoptive parents. There is something powerful about belonging to a community where you can share ideas, emotions and stories without fear of judgement. We hope you will join us as we look to encourage each other, answer questions, and learn from each other.

Our meetings will be held on the 4th Sunday of each month starting January 23, 2022. We will meet at Warsaw area churches through the month of May. We will meet from 4-6pm, and dinner and childcare will be provided.

If you know other families that would benefit from this group, please share this page with them.

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