Help Nikolas raise money for an elevator for disabled children!

Nikolas is 8-years-old and has cerebral palsy. He was adopted in 2015 from Bulgaria. Nik remembers much about his time in the orphanage. He remembers things that make him sad, and he wants to help. Nikolas found out that there is a children’s center called Kotel, that is in need of an elevator. Right now, parents carry their children up three flights of stairs to see doctors and therapists. He decided that he would start a business, Lightening Recycling, and send money to buy an elevator for kids like him. Nikolas said he would have a hard time walking up all those stairs, especially if he had to carry stuff. He has raised $26.40 for an elevator by collecting cans from his neighborhood and recycling them in his garage.

Would you be willing to come alongside Nikolas and help raise the $7,400.00 left for the Kotel elevator? Together, we ‘CAN’ make a difference!