Lost Sparrows is working to end the orphan crisis by supporting families, so that every child has an opportunity to thrive.

Why Lost Sparrows?

I admit the orphan crisis is completely overwhelming, the numbers are astounding. It’s an ocean-sized problem and we are standing on the shore unsure what to do. But I know the answer. The answer is seeing ‘the one’.

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Children from hard places require an extra level of commitment to care for. We educate and train families, caregivers, teachers, and others on how to overcome the effects of trauma in children.


Many of our partners across the globe need help working with families. We support them financially, with translated materials, training videos, and in many other ways. Solving the global orphan crisis requires many hands working together.


We are constantly working with governments and local agencies toward the safe closure of orphanages and to change policies to benefit children and families.

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